Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Dear Fellow Monkeys

We are insane. We've been insane for a long, long time. Maybe for as long as we've had brains and reflective self-awareness. This blog is meant to record my ongoing research into the nature of our insanity and most especially, our efforts to step back, look at ourselves through the one-way window, diagnose ourselves, and hopefully prescribe ourselves into a new level of being. I'm doing this because I believe that the more of us that are able to stand back and speak from another point of view, the better our chances of healing and growing into the next stage of our evolution: to become true humans.

You may think you're already there. I did. Almost everyone I know still thinks so, but increasingly I find myself talking to people, humans, who have already taken that step back, and who have changed their lives radically. Who have stepped onto a road of recovery and healing.

You are insane. So am I. Together we can begin to find our true hearts. Together we can begin to heal ourselves and each other. I'll do my best to post my observations and the observations of those people I find on the path who are healed, or who are far enough along the path to be able to offer useful advice to the rest of us. I encourage you to read this blog and to hear with an open mind and especially with an open heart. I encourage you to suspend your judgment as you go, even if you are convinced you know everything you need to know. Especially if you believe you know the answers.

I will quote my teachers and others who I feel have important truths to share. Some things I talk about may seem to contradict other things. It's quite impossible, in my current opinion, to avoid paradoxes when talking about becoming sane, but I'll make an effort to be aware of those contradictions and to try to explain how I think they are expressions of some higher truth, some synthesis of the opposites. Paradoxes are fun! They're nothing to be afraid of.

I'll be talking a lot about fear, what it is, where it comes from, why we are so dependent on it and why we actually like it. I'll also talk about why we can and should move beyond it, and some ways to do that.

So. That's my introduction for the moment. As for who I am, it's not terribly important, is it. I am the voice of every man, every woman, in our very real every day struggle to free ourselves from our painful and limiting origins as insane monkeys.


shali_isdes said...


Just one thing, If there's going to be any poo-throwing, make sure and warn us first, so we can deflect it onto the zookeepers. Sounds like fun.


the 'humans' in the cage next door

Mike Robertson said...

Ha! You just think you're humans! That's just, just, insane!